Gallery of Dance

Here's a collection of all the dances we've performed. Please click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.

Pretty Chinese Opera Girls Pretty Chinese Opera Girls | "俏花旦"

Moonlight Over the Lotus Pound Moonlight Over the Lotus Pound | 汉族舞 "荷塘月色"

Step on Clouds Step on Clouds | 彝族舞 "踩云彩"

Dragon Boat Dance Dragon Boat Dance | 苗族舞 "龙船调"

Dun Huang Dance Dun Huang Dance | 敦煌舞

Peacock Dance Spanish Dance | 西班牙舞

Yup, we love to learn dances of other cultures, too!

Tibetan Dance Tibetan Dance - "Heavenly Road" | 藏族舞 “天路”

Handkerchief Dance Handkerchief Dance | 陕北手绢舞

Dou Li Dance Dou Li Dance - "Spicy Girls" | 斗笠舞 “辣妹子”

Mongolian Dance Mongolian Dance | 蒙古舞

Fan Dance Fan Dance | 扇子舞

Peacock Dance Peacock Dance - "Spring Medley" | 傣族孔雀舞

Xin Jiang Dance Xin Jiang Dance | 新疆舞

Qing Dynasty Dance Qing Dynasty Dance | 清宫行

Greeting from India Indian Dance - "Greeting from India" | 印度舞 “来自印度的问候”

Spring Rain Umbrella Dance - "Spring Rain" | 彝族舞 “春雨”